10 October 2010

Where Am I?

By the time you read this I won't be there anymore, but I've been working hard in the middle of nowhere. Up the chalk rock road, past the owls nests and through the trees that tinge the light of the sun green, loneliness set in. My satisfaction and release was through the work I accomplished while I was there. I occasionally weeded, mowed or dug out and moved rocks, but my principal work was all woodwork.

The first and biggest task was replacing a large section of attic floor that was rotting through from water leaking in. After that, with the same tongue and groove boards from the floor, I built 4 large shelves in a closet. And finally, throughout the project while waiting on supplies, I would cut and split firewood.

I wish I had recipes and food stories to tell you, but my host was on a very strict diet that left variety to be desired. I do have a new found appreciation for leeks however, so I'll be sure to do something on them soon.

Up in the Hay Loft