30 May 2010

Eggplant Parmesan

I have made this several times recently, and it was extremely well received. Upon request, here are the approximate recipes.

One thing I do want to suggest that I didn't include above is that at the beginning of prepping the eggplant take a peeler or a knife and cut about half the skin off in alternating ribbons down the eggplant. What this does is section the remaining skin of the eggplant in manageable pieces, so that you don't end up pulling the whole skin off of a slice in one piece while you're trying to cut and eat it.

Buon Appetito!

29 May 2010

Writing contest for my bike

~'92 Novara Trionfo
58cm frame
Shimano 105 gruppo
Selle Italia saddle

Also Included
Bell Triton helmet (the one for fat headed people. It will probably adjust down to normal sized heads)
Kryptonite cable lock
Cateye Uno headlight
cheap flashing taillight

The Summary:
I'm having a creative writing contest for my bicycle, which I'll be giving away to the winner of my choosing June 7th.

The Explanation.

My name is Creighton and I have been traveling across the country from Seattle on my way to Europe. No, not bicycling the whole way, I'm not nearly tough enough for that. I road tripped in my car and then would pull my bike out when I arrived somewhere I wanted to ride around. I sold my car a couple days ago, and the bike/subway/feet are my transportation in town until I leave on the 8th. Originally I had planned to leave my bike with my family, but I decided I wanted to ride it in New York. Also the idea of it slowly rusting and rotting away above the garage made me sad. It is only a bicycle when it is being used, otherwise it's just clutter.

I thought about selling it here, but the more I thought about it the harder it became to name a price. This bike is my very favorite possession. I find it painful to imagine thinking, "Well, all those good times and feelings I had were worth $300."

The conclusion I came to is that I will get much greater satisfaction giving it away to a deserving winner. I want a starving artist to benefit from their skill. Please do not enter if you already have a functioning bike. I would, however, appreciate if you suggested the contest to someone you know who could use the bike.

So here are the rules.

I want a short written entry of 500 words or less demonstrating your skills as a writer.
Submissions must include either an email address or a phone number which you will respond to. Including both is better.
It can be any type, style, format, etc.
It does not need to be originally written for this contest.
If poetry, multiple pieces are allowed.
I am the final judge on the winner.
Entries will be accepted no later than 12:01 am June 5th.
The winner will be announced and contacted June 6th at 12:00 pm by email and telephone.
If no response is received by 2:00 pm I will contact the runner-up, and so on, until the prize is awarded.

Thank you for reading this, please help me find a good home for my bicycle.


10 May 2010

Back on the Road

I've taken a little time off, visiting my family, my hometown, and what's left of my friends there. I kept looking around, expecting to see people I knew and being surprised by their absence.

It was a great trip, but I missed you too, internet.