24 January 2010


Ah!  The party's over and I'm on full scale moving now.  Thank goodness I don't have that much stuff.  Thanks again to everyone that helped, and everyone that came.  It was so great to see you all.  Several times through the night people remarked to me on the overwhelming good feelings in the room.  This was no accident.  I consider myself a good judge of character with a broad taste, and seeing all my different circles of friends having a good time and meeting each other was joyous.  I hope that you met someone new, hell, I hope some of you went home together. 

Giving those cards out to everyone has really obliged me to generate content.  As the pictures start rolling in I'll start putting them up,  I might also try and promote getting rid of what little I have.

Thanks again everyone, I'll be right here on the tubes waiting for you.

19 January 2010

Party! Party with Me!!!

Party coming up this Saturday.  CHekkit!