30 June 2010


I took these at the London Science Museum and the Victoria Train station. These pictures are quite large. I'm putting in thumbs, but click through for the full size.

11 June 2010

Spicy Papaya!

This was a recipe of necessity. (I know that rhymes) I had half a papaya to use up and went looking for something that work with other stuff in the fridge. What a delight it was though, really an exciting mix of sweet, sour, and spicy. It would be a good mix for Southeast Asian food I think.

04 June 2010

Apple Pie Salad

In an attempt to try out something new I stumbled onto a nice refreshing salad that tastes eerily of apple pie. Jicama has a texture very similar to fresh apples when it's cut thinly. A note on blanching the yam, if you're preparing this you're just trying to get it to the right toothyness, raw yams are a little hard to eat. Don't boil them so long as to be mush though, this is a fresh crunchy salad. I'm also certain this is the healthiest thing I've posted so far.