28 August 2010


The ambient tent at Boom was one of my favorite places to relax and still enjoy music. The audience averaged ~50% asleep any time of the day. One of my friends, listening to this performance said she couldn't tell if they were performing or just doing sound check/warmup, but I guess that's what happens when you listen to breakbeats all the time. :)

27 August 2010

The World Mercer

Huddled together in this smokey tent we passed over gold coins for chai. The rhythm of the music was ever-present but not overwhelming. We happily chatted away as the festival pulsed around us, revelers going every direction with or without purpose in their steps. Some stopped staggering to stare at the brightly lit statues or the scintillating reflections in the lake. Others marched urgently, to new stages, new drugs, new consciousnesses. The world was ours and we knew it. We held it in our hands and passed it over our lips, and its warmth swelled between us.

18 August 2010

Yann Tiersen at le Route du Rock

Definitely a stark transition from Owen Palett, this particular video starts quite harshly. Yann Tiersen was a wildman on stage, and only provoked further by his incredible band. There were fifteen people performing together at times.

14 August 2010

Route Du Rock Panorama

Le Route Du Rock

I'm camping at a festival in Saint-Malo after being talked into it by my cohort Evan. I've never camped at a music festival before, and so although I have nothing to compare it to, it seems quite small and intimate. There is only one stage, and acts go from ~ 6:30pm-4am. Tonight the headliner is Massive Attack. Yesterday the stunner of the day was Owen Pallett.

Here's a short I shot of him, peeking through the crowd.

06 August 2010

Trois Semaines de Travail

Blended in with all the easy living I've been doing was the construction of a greenhouse for my gentle hosts Raymond and Janine. Much thanks go to my intrepid assistant Evan, without whom I certainly would not have finished. I'm sorry I don't have work in progress pictures. I was afraid in part that I would begin the project and leave before it was completed, and have it all on the blog for the world to see. But no! It's built, I put the final touches on it with one day to spare.

Oh, and in case anyone's confused or suspicious, the squash and melons were already there. We just built around them.

Trois Vues du Jardin

My new home now gone looks back at me from three overlapping panoramas.